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Fifty-six Feature!
by Meredith Trull McGregor
 While at Mt. Holyoke I lived in Woodbridge Hall for three years. It was a co-op dorm where the residents did light housekeeping as part of their financial aid package along with their scholarships. There were about 40 students living there. The chores were allocated by our choosing numbers. The ones to go first were the ones that didn't have to be done on an exact schedule, like vacuuming the living room, cleaning the bathrooms or dusting the hallway. Drying the dinner dishes or the breakfast dishes were jobs picked later because they had to be done on schedule. Nancy Luke Bauer and I were dish dryers while Sonia Witkowski Bauer ran the vacuum.

  Woodbridge Hall was located across the street from the main campus leaving us a bit separate. A small dorm of sophomores, Mountainview, was located down the hill behind Woodbridge. Those students ate their meals in our dining room.

  All four classes were represented in Woodbridge. By the time we were seniors, the eight of us had grown close and I felt we were supportive of the underclasswomen. Shortly after graduation I was a bridesmaid in Nancy Luke Bauer's wedding and attended three other Woodbridge weddings, Janet Thompson's, Julie Mennone's and Barbara Friedmann's. Pat Mason played the organ at Barbara Friedmann's wedding. A year or so later my husband Doug and I attended Sonia Witkowski's marriage to Vic Bauer.

  I met my husband Doug McGregor in the Woodbridge Hall living room just as everyone was arriving for senior year. He and his apartment mates were serving in the Air Force at Westover Air Force Base and stopped in to see Becky Psarakis, who was the sister of one of the other two lieutenants. Doug and I went out for coffee and then started dating.

  That fall Senator John Kennedy spoke in Chapin Hall. After the speech Doug, Nancy Luke Bauer and I went up to the C.I. for coffee. The only other two people there were the senator and his aide. The senator and I had a nice chat about his cousin who was an acquaintance of mine.

  We had a lovely housemother during our junior and senior years. I remember that Mrs. Lane was a leap year baby, so was only 16 on one of her birthdays with us. I kept up a friendship with her for several years. Doug and I visited her at her camp on a lake near Gardiner, ME, several times while on vacation. Our children enjoyed the visits, too.

  Of course there are some private memories that I don't share in print.

Meredith Trull McGregor

Other classmates in Woodbridge were Janet Thompson Anderson, Nancy Luke Bauer, Sonia Witkowski Bauer, Pat Mason Beres,
 Julie Mennone Marshall, Becky Psarakis and Barbara Friedmann Sigal.